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Chlorine Positive: What Your Hair Tells You About Chlorine in Your Shower Water

Chlorine Positive: What Your Hair Tells You About Chlorine in  Your Shower Water

Chlorine has been widely used to treat our water because it is the most cost-efficient way to disinfect our water systems. Although chlorinated tap water has relatively low concentrations of chlorine, long-term exposure to chlorine disinfection by-products may lead to visible impacts on skin and hair.

What does CHLORINE do to your hair?

Having safe and clean water on your body is just as important as having safe and clean water in your body. Regular exposure to chlorine can cause damage to skin and hair. Showering with chlorinated water likely leads to more chlorine absorption in the body because warm water opens up your skin pores and hair follicles leading to greater exposure to chlorine. Chlorine and its byproducts rips off natural hair and skin oil that keep your body from drying.

Consistent or regular exposure to chlorinated water causes:

DRY HAIR Chlorine interferes with your scalp’s natural moisturizing process, which makes your hair dry and brittle.

PRECIPITATE FADING OF HAIR DYE Chlorine expedites the fading of your hair dye.

DANDRUFF Chlorinated shower water increases the amount of dandruff as it dries out your scalp.

HAIR LOSS Hair becomes more vulnerable or fragile when it is dry; hence, chlorine accelerates hair loss.

What are the available solutions?

Carbon filters are the most common type of filters as they are inexpensive. Activated carbon absorbs contaminants and impurities; however, they work well at low temperatures. Its effectiveness in driving out water impurities is significantly reduced at high temperature making this a viable water purifying solution for kitchen taps.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Filters make use of copper and zinc to create a tiny electrical charge that results in an oxidation process, which exchanges the filter’s metals with the electrons in the chlorine. However, while it is effective at eliminating chlorine, these filters are unable to filter out chloramines.

Vitamin C Filters are the best option promoted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The filter uses a tube of pure Vitamin C that neutralizes chlorine and chloramines. Although it is perhaps the most expensive way to kick out chlorine in your water, it is definitely the best way to lessen the impacts of chlorine on your skin and hair. While we care so much about clean and dechlorinated drinking water, it is logical to invest in having an effective filter that will yield long-term benefits on your skin and hair.


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