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"I recommend these shower heads to EVERYONE. It helps me when I get headaches and has amazing Vit C that makes my hair and skin SO SOFT. I also love the filter inside the shower head. My house is located close to the water district and my water is very hard. This really helps my skin. My skin is very sensitive and these products are great!"

– Melissa B.

"I bought 1 to see if I liked it. We bought 2 more, a few days later. It is a very nicely made product, ( doesn’t look or feel cheap). The product is going to be a big hit! The way your skin feels and the aroma while showering is what really makes this a great product. I can’t wait to see what it’s filtering out of the water and change the cartridge so I can enjoy the other fragrances. Great value and a great product. Enjoy!!."

– Rachel D.

"Love it so much! Smells like oranges! Feels like I’m at a spa! ❤️'"

– Debbie

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