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A nice shower after workout! Should I take a HOT or COLD one?

A nice shower after workout! Should I take a HOT or COLD one?

After a good workout, everyone wants a nice shower to not only wash off the sweat but also cool down the body. While a cold shower feels good after sweating it out, a hot shower can help relax our muscles and supposedly provide faster recovery. So which should we choose? Here are our suggestions:

The answer may surprise you - It is actually better to have both a cold shower first, and then followed by a warm shower.

A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower first might be a good idea in order to prevent your body from getting overheated. This is especially the case if an accident happened during the workout, or as simple as a pulled muscle. Exercising can cause minor muscle inflamation around our joints. A cold shower can play an important role here by decreasing blood circulation and thus reducing inflammation.

A Hot Shower

After your body cools down to a certain degree, having a hot shower will improve blood circulation which will help relax your tightened and tensed muscles through the flushing of the lactic acid built up in our system from the workout.

Moreover, working out causes our skins pores to open up. A warm shower can help rinse off all dirt, oil and grime trapped under our skin.

Taking both a cold and hot shower after your workout helps complete the exercise routine. Choosing a suitable showerhead makes it even more efficient. Aroma Sense Showerhead from Korea – Prestige, provides clean and soft water to protect our skin. Its patented triangle spray plate holes produce negative ions and SPA-massage effect. It is the perfect post-workout shower gift that your body deserves.

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