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Aroma SCIENCE: How a Showerhead Makes a Difference

Aroma SCIENCE: How a Showerhead  Makes a Difference
Like airplanes and cars, our daily showers also contribute to carbon
footprints. On the average, each of us uses roughly 70 liters of hot water over
our bodies in order to be clean. The daily routine of taking a shower requires
two scarce resources – water and energy. Energy use is just as problematic as
the showers’ high water consumption. A 9-minute shower is estimated to
consume about 9 liters per minute. Aside from its impact on climate change,
the scarcity of these two resources is equally a cause of concern.
An energy efficient showerhead might just be the solution. Studies have
shown that showers with spray settings use between 4 to 6 liters of water per
minute, which is almost half the consumption of an ordinary showerhead.
That is why environmentalists encourage people to take shorter showers and
use showerheads with spray settings. Undoubtedly, being a responsible
inhabitant of our own planet also entails choosing the most water and energy
efficient showerheads.
The Aroma Sense showerheads were designed to reduce water consumption
through the patented technology of triangular spray plate, which also helps
generate more than 400,000 negative ions. Apart from its energy and water
saving benefits, it provides the most gentle and the cleanest shower water
through its 3-step filtration system. Our showerheads not only have ceramic
balls and micro fiber filter to remove bacteria and trap rusts and water
contaminants, but also have incorporated the use of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
to neutralize chlorine in shower water. The use of chlorine in water treatment
has been popular not because it is the best way to purify our water, but
because it is the cheapest way to treat our water systems. However, chlorine,
which absorbs into our skin 4 to 6 times faster during a shower, can cause
skin irritation and eczema. That’s why water purification systems that use
Vitamin C in treating chlorine was popularized in more advanced countries.
On top of the aforementioned benefits, it also has comes with relaxing scents
that not only relaxes your body but also contributes in boosting your energy.
So, before thinking that we are just another fancy showerhead, better think
twice. This is not hard-selling, I challenge you to try before you conclude. :)

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