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Korean's Skin Care Secrets

Korean's Skin Care Secrets

No matter if it is in K-pop or K-drama, oni (respectful form for older sisters in Korean) always seem to have smooth, glowing, and milky skin. Even oppa’s boast (respectful form for older brothers in Korean) clean, refreshing and healthy skin!

Is it genetics? Or maybe it is because of the cooler weather in Korea? Food culture, living environment, and skincare habits also contribute to healthier and younger skin elements. Read on if you are interested to learn about the factors that contribute to the mystics of the supple healthy skin of Korean’s

1. Eating habits

When speaking of Korean food, kimchi is one of the first items that comes mind. Kimchi and Doenjang (Korean soybean paste) are both fermented food delicacies which includes rich fiber, vitamins and minerals, and often complement Korean cuisine as either an appetizer or digestive. It is beneficial for good digestion and detoxification. These benefits are why Korean meals promote healthier skin.

A balance diet with lots of vegetables and fruits is vital for having good skin. For example, Korean barbeque is often complemented with vegetables. The vegetables that complement the barbeque act as a source of dietary fiber and contain essential minerals that promote healthier skin.

2. Living habits    

Exercise is a vital accept of the modern life. Keeping good exercise habits promotes fitness, improves blood circulation, and good complexion. Spending 30 mins a day to take a walk or jog helps the body detoxify and clarify our skin!

3. Cosmetics

The Korean Cosmetics Industry ranks 8th in terms of market share in the global cosmetics industry. The South Korean government is one of the few governments in the world that allow the functional use of cosmetics like anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-freckle…etc. Moreover, because of Korea’s culture, a great deal of emphasis is place on outward looking appearance, you hardly can find people without makeup on the street in Korea. To look presentable and proper is a form of etiquette and politeness in Korea. Not doing so is frowned upon. The combined efforts from both government and private sectors, due to the influence of culture, has significantly increased the pace of development of beauty and skin care related products.

4. Han Jeung Mak

A unique bathing facility in Korea. If you are a K-drama fan, you must be familiar with it. Going to a Han Jeung Mak regularly to sweat has become a sub culture among Koreans as it improves blood circulation, promotes detoxification, and makes the skin healthier.

You can also achieve that by practicing the shower routine. (Learn more:

5. Clean Water Matters

We all know that drinking enough water is the basic of having healthy skin. Mineral water, carbonated water, alkaline ionized water…etc., are even advocated because of their beauty benefits for the skin. Yet how about the water we use to wash our face and body?


A great deal of time and money are spent on cosmetics and skin care products. Using unclean water is contradictory to the effects we want to achieve.

Clean water is not only the filtration of debris and rust in the water. Adding Vitamin C to nullify chlorine, which damages our hair and skin, is a revolutionary technique for showerheads in Korea. The quality of water we use to bath and shower is important when it comes to health care and skin care. It is no surprise that some Koreans even bring their own showerheads when they travel. Healthcare and skincare do not have to be difficult, small adjustments in our daily habits and using the right products are enough to give us the results we seek. And we all want to look stunning everywhere we go, don’t we?



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