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How to make your bathroom feel like a 5-star hotel?

How to make your bathroom feel like a 5-star hotel?

We know everyone misses travelling. Enjoying a fabulous 5-star luxury hotel experience is as important as the scenery, the food, and the atmosphere of the destination for those of us who love to travel. What if you can turn your very own home into a 5-Star luxury hotel experience? Starting with our bathrooms!

Here are 5 tips to help you turn your bathroom into a 5-start hotel experience:


Fluffy Fancy Towels

Drying ourselves with the fluffy, soft and warm feel of bath towels after a nice shower is a true joy. Towels made of premium Egyptian cotton with excellent absorbency, becoming softer and fluffier over time is a great choice to go with. As for the color, go with white so you can easily tell if the towels need to go to the laundry or be retired.


Mood Lighting

Do you feel you look better in a hotel bathroom mirror? (Maybe that’s why there are so many bathroom selfies on Instagram) Well, keep your bathroom mirror at home clean and shinning is of course important, but don’t forget the right lighting. A set of warm and soft lighting around your mirror is great to have. Recessed lights or floor spotlights can also be useful when you are in the mood for a relaxing candlelight bath.


Scented Treatment

Soaps and shampoo contribute to the main sensory experience of your bathroom. Candles and aromatherapy burners can also help create the relaxing or pampering or exotic scenario upon your moods at the moment. Citrus is great for boosting energy and motivation. Lavender and clary sage can ease your anxiety and calm your mind. Choose a theme aroma for your bathroom and turn your daily shower routine into a sensory enjoyment!



Upgrade your Showerhead

Water pressure is an important factor to a great shower experience. There is no need to change the pump or redo the plumbing. Choosing a proper showerhead can easily upgrade your shower experience to that of a luxurious one. Aroma Sense series showerheads from Korea are capable of boosting water head pressure while providing a soft sensual shower spray. Our showerheads even help get rid of chlorine, and provide fresh fragrance (of your choosing) for your shower water for that home-spa experience.


Something Green

Plants in the bathroom is one of the quickest ways to upgrade this small space. For that resort vibe you can place some tropical potted plants in the area. Ever wondered why some spa’s hang eucalyptus plants about the shower? Hanging eucalyptus from the ceiling of the shower area allows the heat and steam from the shower to break down and bring out the natural aroma oil of the eucalyptus plant for that aromatherapy experience.

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