Aroma Sense PH


₱2,948.00 ₱3,399.00

☆ Aroma Sense Christmas Gift Set ☆

- Pure Rain Super Jet Wide x 1

- PR303 Faucet (Chrome) x 1 

- Aroma Sense gift bag (white) with note card

FEATURES of Pure Rain Super Jet Wide:

  • High Water Pressure: Optimizes water pressure 1.5 times greater than well branded shower heads, all while saving up to 30% of water usage!
  • Rust removal: Microfiber filter traps any residual rust, dirt and contaminants collected through water piping systems
  • Negative Ionizer: Produces up to four times of negative ions--scientifically proven to aid in breathing, increase blood flow, and alleviate stress


  • Size: 8.0cm X L 5.5cm X H 21.0cm / Head Diameter 8cm
  • Weight: 230g

FEATURES of PR303 Faucet (Chrome):

  • Filter chlorine
  • Remove rust and pollutants from tap water
  • Patent triangle metal spill tray
  • Water saving, high pressure, negative ions
  • Styling simple fashion


  • Size: 5.8 x wide 5.8 x high 6.9 cm
  • Weight: 129.5g
  • Water end dental gage: 22mm female thread
  • Diameter of sprinkler plate: 5cm

Each Filter will lasts for 2,000 liters of use.